Friday, December 30, 2005

Celebrity Ass

Damn, I love this shot of Rose McGowan, of "Charmed" fame for three reasons:

1) She had the guts to do it.

2) She can totally pull it off.

3) That ass.

Wednesday, December 21, 2005

My ass has been tagged

I've been tagged by J to post on 5 weird habits I have. It was harder than I thought, but here's mine:
  1. I think athletic socks on a naked women is SO sexy.
  2. When people sneeze repeatedly, I actually get angry.
  3. I love to watch my cock as I cum (in the mirror, whatever).
  4. I cannot drink water or booze with food.
  5. I jerk off in the shower almost every morning.

I know, I'm an idiot.

As per the rules, I have tagged:

Always Aroused Girl

Creative Nights In

Young Suburban Wife

Fred and Wilma

Dirty Debbie


Monday, December 19, 2005

Behind the Story: The Shower

On a lazy Saturday afternoon, you can always take your time on the smallest, sometimes routine things.

That especially comes in handy when its time for a shower. And that always makes it much more fun when there are two people involved.

On this Saturday, my wife asked me if I wanted to take a shower with her. Duh! Does she have to ask? In any event, I got the water going and her and I proceeded to get naked. Once we were wet, I decided that it would be much more fun if I washed her.

I took her liquid soap and squeezed a generous amount into my hands, rubbing them together to produce a lather. With her facing me, I started to soap up her body, starting with her neck and working my way down. I almost used a massage technique, using gentle pressure down her arms and on her fingers to relieve the week's stress. Her eyes were closed and her mouth open slightly, which told me she was enjoying herself.

I went back up to her shoulders, working my way down her chest until I quickly cupped her breasts. She likes when I massage them, but she likes it even better when I play with her gorgeous nipples. At first, I ran my thumbs over them, just to get them nice and hard. Using the soapy bubbles as lubricant, I then decided to pinch them slightly, twisting them between my thumb and forefingers. Now, my lady knows what she wants--when I started doing that, her hand went directly to my balls. She started kneading the boys in her hand (the hot water had brought them down, making them easy to play with and pull), which always gets me rock hard.

As she started to trace her fingers on my cock, we pushed out bodies closer, kissing passionately as we played with each other. I love kissing my wife when she's turned on. She almost attacks you--a little rough but sensitive, with lots of tongue for good measure.

I was getting very turned on and she knew it.

She stopped touching my cock and looked at me. "Don't forget to do my back, hon" she said. With that she turned around in front of me. Now, one thing about my wife--she knows what I like. She knows I have a thing for asses, especially hers--I tell her all the time.

With that, I got some more soap and started to work my way down. Again, I went over her shoulders, down her lovely back, working my hands a little harder to work out all the knots. I think she appreciates that.

Finally, I get to her beautiful, round ass. Its a woman's ass--she has a small waist, gorgeous full hips and an all around lovely butt. I start to knead her cheeks and I can feel my cock going rock hard. I grab both cheeks with both hands, getting more aggressive as I get more turned on. I move in to kiss the back of her neck and my cock pushes between her soapy ass cheeks. She doesn't pull away so I thrust my hips a little, moving my cock back and forth.

As I do that, wife reaches around and firmly grabs my cock. At the same time, she pushes her ass against my cock, so the head is just touching her asshole. For a while she uses my cockhead to tease her asshole and cheeks, while I reach around and play with her tits, roughly working on her nipples.

"Do you like that, baby?"

"Oh yeah. You know I do, hon."

"I like it too."

The feelings across my cock become intense as I can feel my orgasm getting closer and closer. She senses this too as she starts to stroke my cock faster. By this point, my hands have snaked down to her pussy and I have spread her legs apart and found her clit. I rub it with one finger as I try to remain standing.

Her strokes her longer as she keeps rubbing my cockhead on her ass cheeks. I look down briefly to see how my dick looks in her ass (if not her asshole). It obviously looked pretty damn good because I felt my balls tighten up and my orgasm rocket through my body. I'm grunting as my wife keeps stroking, my cum splashing on her back and backside.

Lucky we were in the shower.

We washed up, got out and dried off as she instructed me to follow her to the bedroom.

"My pussy needs your tongue" she whispered. Happy to oblige.

We fucked like crazy that afternoon, but was got me hard was the thought of her using her ass to get me off.

That wouldn't be the last time our shower would see some assplay......

Sunday, December 18, 2005

Another great ENDing

Jay over at Me and My Hot Wife was kind enough to send me another great snap of K's behind:

As I said to him, now all we need to do is see it in action!

Friday, December 16, 2005

Pic of the day

Small waist, round ass.... absolutely gorgeous.

Thursday, December 15, 2005

Dude, what's with you and butts?

Very good question.

I don't know if I have a good answer. Ever since I can remember, I've always been attached to a woman's ass. Now, don't get me wrong -- I love every part of the female form. I just happen to find the back end the most irresistable.

I also take equal pleasure in my own ass -- not to look at, but to play with. I think ass play is something that continues to be stigmatized by straight men. If you start playing around down there and *GASP* you actually like it, well then: you must be gay.

Far from it. But I just love playing around down there. Always have.

There's something about that area -- so forbidden, so tabboo -- that I just can't resist. Not to mention that it feels phenominal. I find it highly erotic and extremely intimate to play with a person's ass.

So, I've been on a mission to incorporate that aspect of my desire into my sex life; so far with mixed results. I intend to talk about those experiences (in detail) and what I would like to see in my future (Please refer to the handy 4 goals I have on my sidebar as a quick reference to what turns my crank).

This might cost me traffic, but this site is not a venting depot for my frustrations -- I have a great life. My wife does not neglect me, and I'm not depressed.

I just want more butt in my life!

The wife has some fun in that department, but its limited. I'm trying to change that. I hope this site is a tool to assist us down that road.

Anyway, look for pics, maybe video, lots of stories and sexy thoughts as this spece develops....

Wednesday, December 14, 2005


So, here's the deal:

I will work diligently to be your #1 ass resource.

But we all know that there's a heck of a lot of competition out there.

As well, my #%^$ company has a firewall that doesn't allow me to find the right *ahem* visuals.

So, its on you--all my 5 (Ok, zero) readers.

Now, I love professional porn as much as the next guy. But girls next door, your wife, girlfriend and or boyfriend (enjoying some backdoor fun) are even better.

Gimme what you got!

Send me your pics at and I will post them post haste!

Don't be shy--I know you butt exhibitionists are out there! Lets see them in action!

This is what its all about folks....

This picture inspired me to start this blog.

This is Kay from Me and My Hot Wife. She was offering her ass up to her hubby J.

But I'll let them tell it.

There are so many appealing thoughts to this picture, I can't begin to tell you.....